We just finished up shooting some new content with the stunning Capri Anderson, the newest beautiful girl to join the Nubilefilms family!

We haven’t had a chance to start editing this one yet. We haven’t even come up with a name yet! But that didn’t stop me from grabbing this cell phone pic to share of Capri hanging out on the set.
A warm outdoor shower caresses brunette babe Leyla Black’s smooth skin as she rinses off after an afternoon of sunbathing. She loves the way the water feels, especially against her sensitive breasts as she massages them beneath the spray. When Totti joins her a few moments later, the afternoon heat pales in comparison to the fire blazing between these two lovers.
Their kiss evolves into a deeper passion as Totti leads Leyla away from the shower and squeezes her supple ass in supplication. With a smile, Leyla urges him to kneel at her feet to lick and finger her warm hairy pussy.
Burning with desire, Leyla falls to her knees and wraps her lips around Totti’s engorged dick. Taking it into in her mouth after some leisurely licking and sucking, she proceeds to give him an incredible blow job that seems to go on forever.
Finally the lovers can’t stand to remain apart any longer. Lifting Leyla’s leg high in the air, Totti thrusts up to sink his hard cock into her welcoming hole. A few wet and wild thrusts in that position feel incredible, but soon Leyla turns and leans forward with her hands on the shower so that Totti can reenter her from behind.
Eager for something more intimate, the pair settles down on a pool chair with Leyla on top controlling the speed of their lovemaking. They switch from cowgirl with Totti suckling Leyla’s hard nipples to reverse cowgirl for even deeper penetration. As Leyla’s orgasm comes within close reach, she urges her man to bring her over the edge doggy style as she moans her pleasure.
Fulfilled, Leyla helps her man to his own completion by taking him back into her talented mouth. As he reaches the brink of exploding he pulls out and Leyla open her warm, willing mouth to swallow and savor every drop of his cum.
After a late night of partying alluring beauties Jenna J Ross and Karlie Montana entwine themselves in a torrid love affair in the wee hours of the morning. Bra and panties strune about the naked lover devour each other with passionate kisses. Petite Jenna lays on top of her suckling her wet lips and nipples. She works her way down to her stomach then has her stand up to admire the curvature of her ass. Jenna peels her panties down and reveals a vivacious rump. Moving her to the bed Karlie lays out spreading wide. Jenna begins to linger below running her tongue up and down Karlie’s clit.
Excited by the delicate touch she became wet, holding her ass open for Jenna to dive in. Karlie gripped her head keeping the friction of her tongue close to her sensitive pussy. Jenna massaged and blew cool breaths on the wetness to create a tingling sensation. Karlie spread her lips as Jenna’s tongue thrusted deep inside. She lost all control arching her neck as she called out moans of satisfaction. Her body shuddered with orgasmic contemptment.
Jenna climbed on top as the two kissed passionately. They caressed each others naked flesh as Jenna moved forward mounting Karlie’s face. She arched her back, reaching behind her to massage Karlie’s pussy. Wrapping her arms around her thighs and spreading her lips with her fingers Karlie worked her supple tongue up and down Jenna’s pussy lips. She watched with desire as her tongue orchestrated Jenna’s crescendo. Bucking forward with a loss of control Jenna held Karlie’s face with both hands as she orgasmed on her penetrating touch. Jennas body convulsed with pleasure.
Still entwined in excitement Karlie flips over onto her stomach. She pokes her ass into the air and spreads her cheeks as Jenna slipped a finger inside. Tonguing her asshole Karlie pulls tighter on her fleshy cheek allowing Jemma more space to work. Fingering her tender pussy Jenna held tight, her arm wrapped around Karlie’s thigh as she winced at the titillating touch. Jenna focused as she could feel Karlie swelling to orgasm. Looking back, her head pressed against the mattress, her breast hanging in delicate balance Karlie broke into an overwhelming stimulated release.
Satisfied at Jenna’s affections she looked at her with devouring eyes. She lured Jenna down onto the bed sliding up next to her. The two shared a sensual kiss then locked eyes as Karlie began to play with her pussy. She spread her as she passed her tongue over Jenna’s eager pussy. She wet her fingers and then slid two digits inside of her. Jenna smiled with delight. The two locked eyes with longing looks. Karlie increased momentum as Jenna pulled her close their foreheads touching. Jenna clenched her eyes shut as her body electrified with deafening orgasm. Karlie massaged with adoring power.
The two embraced in loving lips as they settled down for a long morning nap.
Have you ever noticed two hot girls become a little bit friendly at a party or a club and then fantasized about what would happen if they went home together? That was the premise for On the Floor, our newest upcoming scene with Jenna J Ross and Karlie Montana.
After a long night out on the town, Jenna and Karlie welcome the new morning in the most sensual way possible. Tender kisses quickly evolve into eating out each other’s juicy pussies as they enjoy a leisurely, erotic lovemaking session.
Be sure to check out our newest film when it is released on Monday, November 5 to enjoy the sizzling lesbian action.
Lien for Nubilefilms
Blue Angel is gorgeous in a subtly exotic way, and she is very into giving her partners oral pleasure and receiving the same treatment in return. If you’re a fan of the way Blue uses her mouth then you will love the upcoming film Watching You, where Blue and her friend Stacy Snake take part in a hot threesome that is centered around exchanges of passionate, hot oral sex.
With so many threesomes that ultimately focus on fucking after a relatively small amount of foreplay, we wanted to bring a a new spin on an old favorite to life. Our members can check it out when Watching You is released on Friday, October 26.
Working with Marry Queen is guaranteed to be hot whether she’s seducing a partner or pleasuring herself. She’s so easy to work with, and her innate sensuality makes it easy to capture stunning scenes.
All Alone, Marry’s second incredible solo scene, is an instant classic. I don’t need to do much directing when Marry has such an amazing knowledge of how to show off her best assets all by herself.
Whether you’re already a fan of Marry Queen or you’re new to her work, be sure to watch All Alone when it goes live on Sunday, October 28. I’m sure you’ll love watching her finger herself to completion as much as I loved filming it!
We know you love Elle Alexandra, and I’m sure that we’ll never get tired of working with this easygoing gorgeous redhead. In our upcoming film, Elle finds herself in the middle of a passionate lesbian threesome with brunette beauty Kiera Winters and blonde goddess Elaina Rae.
While Elle often finds herself taking charge in her scenes, we wanted to turn the tables on her this time. Kiera and Elaina are both dominant personalities, which meant that Elle had a chance to lie back and enjoy some incredible pleasure without spending most of her time giving.
Definitely don’t miss this passionate encounter between three beautiful women when Show Me What You Like is released on Tuesday, October 30.

Nubile Films: Hot Naked Lesbian Threesome

Watching You

Blue Angel is gorgeous in a subtly exotic way, and she is very into giving her partners oral pleasure and receiving the same treatment in return. If you are a fan of the way  Blue uses her mouth then you will love the film Watching You, where Blue and her friend Stacy Snake take part in a hot threesome that is centered around exchanges of passionate, hot oral sex.


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